We back builders & founders of creative and transformative companies.

Finneir is focussed on investing in early to mid stage companies that are rethinking the way business is conducted, streamlining processes, and using technology to improve fairly traditional and regulated sectors like healthcare, insurance, finance, and transportation.

 who we are

Arthur van der Linden

Arthur van der Linden – Principal at Grit Capital

“Business minded engineer with a passion for Finance & Economics”

Founder of Grit Capital and co-founder of Finneir. Since 2008 heading mergers and acquisitions at RMA Group in mainly Asian emerging and frontier markets. Arthur started his career in Business Development at Dow Chemical after which he joined entrepreneurial ventures in San Francisco, New York and Amsterdam. Arthur is a avid reader and lifelong learner. Arthur holds a Master of Science (Chemical Engineering) from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University.


Arthur van der Linden

Martijn Rozendaal – Co-founder Treatwell & Just Eat

Entrepreneur pur sang”

Currently entrepreneur and investor at Happy Investments, Chairman of the Board of Finneir and member of the supervisory board of Travis Road Services. After exiting Just Eat in 2012 Martijn started investing in multiple companies all over the world. With a strong focus on b-to-c and b-to-b marketplaces. Martijn holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and is based in the Netherlands.


 finneir portfolio

Transport & Courier Services, Online Food Delivery

The World‘s Leading Transportation Platform

Coworking & Private Office Space

Employer health benefits

Strategic location. Quality service. Low rates. Maximum comfort.

One-stop solution for disposable medical products.

Innovative, tech-driven healthcare staffing platform.

Digital health platform that provides an end-to-end digital solution.

The trust layer of the internet

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